How to make best use of the Driving Range

While some may head to their local driving range to let off a bit of steam every now and then, if you go to range to work on a certain swing – there are some ways to maximise your time spent doing so.

Alignment sticks

The driving range is a great time to grab your alignment sticks and get that posture perfect.

Half Speed

Playing your shots at half your regular speed with allow you to again perfect your posture and swing.

Butch Harmon said “Practice swinging your arms a little slower and turning your body more aggressively to the finish. Make sure you transfer your weight to your front foot coming down and turn your lower body to face the target. Get your hips turning all the way through, and you’ll stop the face from snapping closed on the ball.”

Switch it up

When practicing a particular shot, the range is perfect. You can play the same shot over and over, working on every aspect of putting the club to ball. But once you are happy with how you are performing a particular play, it is best to start playing a new shot, or to start playing a mix of multiple shots.

You need to ensure you don’t get comfortable playing the same shot. Unless you plan on keeping your clubbing to the driving range, swinging a range of shots will lead to better performance when playing an array of shots on a golf course.



A few video tips



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